Photo: Ilich Mejia, Courtesy of the Global Grads Featured Scholar at UNC

I am a Teaching Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I work in philosophy of mind, language, cognitive science, and social philosophy. My current research explores philosophical issues related to attachment, transformation, and the self.  In the past, I did philosophy of mathematics, with special interests in explanations in mathematical proofs. My teaching interests, aligned with my research, extend from western to non-western philosophical traditions on those issues, as well as mathematical logic and critical reasoning.   

At UNC, I received Royster Fellowship, a merit-based, interdisciplinary, multi-year award that is the UNC Graduate School’s most selective fellowship. I was very active in the interdisciplinary Royster Program where I developed a first-year, interdisciplinary seminar on language, focusing on the philosophical, linguistic, and educational aspects of language learning and use. I also served as a mentor for the Carolina Covenant program for undergraduate students on graduate planning and career advising. I have been involved in a number of outreach events on issues of diversity, education, and public humanities  across campus, in local libraries, K-12 schools, and industry.

You can contact me here.

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